Bad weather in Bavaria?The ideal destination

Bad weather on your day off? No problem. Bavaria offers a wealth of activities in case of bad weather. One of the most outstanding excursion destinations is the Berchtesgaden salt mine.

Hiking the salt experience trail around the Berchtesgaden salt mine
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Everybody knows this: It's pouring with rain and you're still looking for the ideal bad-weather alternative for an outing. The sun hasn't been shining in winter for days and the chances of plus temperatures are close to zero? With all these weather capers, the Berchtesgaden salt mine is just the place for you. A guided tour through the mine will not only make you forget the bad weather, but promises a good mix of experience, fascination and mysticism.

Experience the salt mine

The first experience awaits you right at the beginning of the tour. On the mine train, it's "hold on and be amazed" as you go deep into the mountain. The miners' slides, up to 40 metres long, promise fun and variety.

A ride across the underground salt lake and the audiovisual productions will amaze everyone. Let the underground world take effect on you and learn exciting background information about salt mining and the work in the mine.

Happy family on the slide
Why visit the salt mine?

Winter in Bavaria – it's always above zero here

The practicalities of a mine tour: It's always a constant+ 12 degrees Celsius here – even in frosty below-zero temperatures. This makes the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine the ideal winter excursion destination in Bavaria.

Regardless of the weather outside, the underground world of the salt mine offers an impressive and enchanting atmosphere. And compared to a classic museum visit, here you can experience history, culture and technology up close.

Family in the Magical Salt Room underground
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When it's stormy or snowing…

There are numerous excursion destinations in Upper Bavaria that are also suitable in bad weather. A good alternative to the classic museum visit is a trip to the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine and/or the Bad Reichenhall Old Salt Works.
Whether it's a thermal bath, bowling or a museum – even in bad weather, nothing stands in the way of a family outing. Depending on the age and interests of your children, certain excursions are more suitable than others. A trip to a salt mine not only thrills young and old alike, but is also suitable for all weathers. How about a trip to the Berchtesgaden salt mine, for example? There are many other destinations near the mine that can be combined into a day trip.
A guided tour of the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine is a suitable rainy-weather programme above all because almost all the highlights are underground – i.e. in the mine. Here you are protected from wind and weather and can expect a constant 12 degrees Celsius.
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