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Ghost Adventures Has One Crew Member To Thank For Its Paranormal Success

For the better part of the past 15 years, "Ghost Adventures" has been the place fans of supernatural reality series get their spooky kicks. And for the better part of that 300-episodes-and-counting run, it's ranked among the best-loved shows in Travel Channel's slate of original programming, even spawning several spin-off series and special episodes. The brainchild of host Zak Bagans and former cast member Nick Groff, the series follows a tight-knit crew of supernatural investigators as they visit haunted locales all across America and beyond in hopes of finding definitive proof of paranormal events.

Since the early days of the series, Billy Tolley has been a key member of Bagans' inner circle, contributing to well north of 200 episodes of "Ghost Adventures" to date. He is, of course, typically credited as an AV tech, investigator, or aerial photographer on the show, meaning many of his key contributions come behind the camera. 

And as Bagans himself admitted during a 2021 chat with Mental Floss, no behind-the-scenes member of the "Ghost Adventures" team has been more pivotal to the series' ongoing success. That's apparently because no crew member on the series is better than Tolley at spotting the subtlest of supernatural occurrences that Bagans and company might experience during an investigation.

Billy Tolley does more than just chase ghosts and run tech on Ghost Adventures

As is the case with pretty much every reality series ever produced, narratives are shaped dramatically in the editing room on "Ghost Adventures." While Billy Tolley has never earned a credit as an editor on the show, Zak Bagans claims he continues to play a vital role in shaping the series' narrative week in and week out. And given that Bagans is the main player on "Ghost Adventures" these days, there's little reason to think he'd make such a claim if it weren't true.

Per Bagans, Tolley's eye for detail is what makes him such a valuable asset to the "Ghost Adventures" team. "He is absolutely incredible, just such a sharp eye," Bagans told Mental Floss, noting Tolley scours every second of captured footage and audio to suss out even the slightest of supernatural anomalies. As Bagans later noted, such events can dramatically affect an episode. "If we review 20 hours of footage from a couple of cameras, and we capture a light anomaly that happened to disappear inside of me, then all of a sudden I felt a bit of rage, that's pretty compelling," Bagans said. "Those help structure the big episode moments we want to include."

As Tolley is regularly an on-camera presence on "Ghost Hunters," he naturally sees and experiences many of those spooky, episode-shaping occurrences firsthand. But his ability to spot those he likely had no idea even happened on the day has apparently made him a secret weapon on the "Ghost Hunters" production team. And it's safe to assume he'll continue to be that as long as the series is on the air.