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Harley Quinn's Season 4 Trailer Highlights Harley And Ivy's Madcap Romance

Harley Quinn has long been a favorite among DC fans, going from Joker's (Mark Hamill) sidekick on "Batman: The Animated Series" to a multimedia staple of the superhero franchise. She has popped up in live-action movies, comic books, video games, and more throughout her decades at the forefront of DC. However, most would agree that the former Dr. Harleen Quinzel is still most at home on animated television shows, as evidenced by her widely-adored — and for good reason — self-titled Max series, which sees Kaley Cuoco put her own spin on the character.

An adult comedy through and through, "Harley Quinn" doesn't hold back. Throughout the first three seasons, viewers are treated to no shortage of foul language, extreme violence, and all sorts of other R-rated shenanigans, making it a series perfectly befitting of its chaotic central character. At the same time, there's more to "Harley Quinn" than innuendos and gore. It's also something of a love letter to the entire DC Universe, featuring a wide array of characters, locations, and deep-cut nods to famous comic stories and moments.

Additionally, "Harley Quinn" is known for its romantic edge through the loving pairing of Quinn herself and Poison Ivy (Lake Bell). According to the first trailer for the highly-anticipated Season 4, it seems their love story will be front and center once again in the upcoming batch of episodes.

Quinn and Ivy's life looks as chaotic as ever in Season 4

Right out of the gate, the "Harley Quinn" Season 4 trailer shows the anti-heroine the series is named after speaking directly to the audience. She promises more of all the things fans love about it — including that hulking goofball Bane (James Adomian) — before the teaser kicks off properly. It then cuts to Harley and Ivy tearing through bad guys while chatting on the phone, wishing each other good luck with their respective missions. As Ivy gets to work at the Legion of Doom, Harley tries out the whole hero thing alongside the much more serious Bat Family.

Naturally, Ivy running the show at the lair of the world's biggest supervillains as Harley learns to become a force for good leads to some friction between the two. Nevertheless, they're determined to work it out and prevent their new gigs from ruining their longstanding romance. We then see the two wreak havoc as they tend to do, along with clips of fan favorites such as the Clayface (Alan Tudyk), Commissioner Gordon (Christopher Meloni), and the aforementioned Bane. The teaser ends with Lex Luthor (Giancarlo Esposito) seemingly blowing up his calves by accident while stressfully working out.

"Harley Quinn" Season 4 arrives on the Max streaming service on July 27.