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AHS Season 12 Teaser Gives Fans Their First Look At Kim Kardashian In Character

FX has debuted the first spooky trailer for "American Horror Story" Season 12, giving fans their first look at Kim Kardashian's mysterious character.

If there's one thing the "American Horror Story" franchise succeeds at, it's switching things up. Over the last decade, the Ryan Murphy-led series has done nothing but evolve and shake up its own twisted premise, giving fans unique and chaotic worlds of horror to explore every season. The franchise first debuted with "Murder House" back in 2011. Since then, "American Horror Story" has become a cultural phenomenon, capturing modern society's fears and woes by playing with several different horror tropes and templates.

With Season 12, "American Horror Story" is going in a bold new direction. Titled "Delicate," the latest season of the iconic series is based on Danielle Valentine's novel "Delicate Condition." This is the first time "AHS" is adapting an existing story, making this uncharted territory for the FX juggernaut. Some things are still the same, with "AHS" fan favorites like Emma Roberts, Zachary Quinto, and Denis O'Hare returning to the franchise. 

But FX and Murphy, who is handing over show running duties to Halley Feiffer, are also adding in a new variable, bringing social media icon Kim Kardashian into the mix. "Suicide Squad" star Carla Delevigne also joins in on the fun, making "AHS" S12 one of the most star-studded seasons in recent memory. Now, after months of anticipation, fans have their first look at "AHS: Delicate," and it sure looks like a spooky time. 

American Horror Story: Delicate looks terrifying

The first teaser for "American Horror Story: Delicate" is light on plot but heavy on creepiness. Details are ultimately slim on the latest season of "AHS," but the teaser confirms that the series hasn't lost its edge when it comes to sending chills down our spines. The teaser kicks off with a haunting, operatic take on the children's classic "Rock-A-Bye-Baby." As the (now ominous) nursery rhyme begins to swell up, viewers are greeted by a circle of blonde-wigged individuals dancing to its tune. Real spooky stuff. This is then followed by more ominous shots of the individuals in various poses, with their faces hidden. 

We then get a shot of "AHS" regular Emma Roberts sporting blonde hair, glasses, and red lips. Then there are quick shots of a bird's nest, followed by a rocking crib. There's clearly a theme of motherhood and birth at play here. Next is Carla Delevigne... who sports blonde hair, glasses, and red lips. See a pattern here? 

More sweeping shots of the crowd of blonde-wigged individuals are shown, giving major cult vibes. Finally, a blonde-haired, glasses-wearing, and red lipstick-sporting Kim Kardashian is shown, completing the reveal of the three (presumable) main characters. The final shot of the "AHS: Delicate" teaser is absolutely chilling, showing a woman rocking a baby, as various individuals creepily watch. 

Major "Rosemary's Baby" vibes from this one.