Experience, mysticism, fascination: The Berchtesgaden Salt Mine is a modern adventure mine and a popular destination in Bavaria. An impressive journey into the world of salt awaits you in the depths of the mountain. Discover the first highlights, our virtual gallery plan and exciting background information.

Visitor tour

Take the mine train into the 
world of salt

Let's go! The mine train takes you deep into the mountain. At the end of the gallery, the view opens up to the impressive Kaiser Franz sink work, which was filled to the ceiling with spring water over 150 years ago.

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Guests taking the mine train out of the mine
A highlight for people of all ages

Pure adventure on the
miners' slide

With the first, spectacular slide, you whiz down many metres while miners work nearby. Can't get enough of the slide? Then you can already look forward to the next one.

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Mother with children on the slide to the Spiegelsee lake
Your souvenir photo

Say cheese…

To the photo lab

Taking photos is not permitted in the Berchtesgaden salt mine. You are welcome to purchase a souvenir photo after your tour. On the mine train and on the slide, the motto is "Smile".

Tip:How about a selfie before or after your visit to the mine? Around the salt mine above ground you will find photo points with life-size miner figures.

Spherical sounds, unique light shows and a mystical atmosphere await you in the Magical Salt Room. 

An audiovisual production transports you to times long past and gives you an insight into the life of miners - past and present.

Family in the Magical Salt Room underground

A trip across the
glittering Mirror Lake

130 metres below ground, the mirror lake spreads out before you. Cross the underground lake by raft and enjoy a spectacle of glittering salt crystals.

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Family taking a raft across the the Spiegelsee lake
Virtual tour

The way through the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine

Discover tunnel map
Experience above ground

Discover even more on 
Salt Experience Trail

During a subsequent hike around the Berchtesgaden salt mine, you will learn and experience even more. The salt experience trail takes you on a short journey into the fascinating world of salt.

To the salt experience trail
Guests visiting the salt experience trail at the Berchtesgaden salt mine

Immerse yourself in the
underground world

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